For a locksmith in South West London, vigilance is essential

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Be careful! Beware of the sticker scam. Individuals who think they are locksmiths are displaying stickers on your doors or mailboxes. They often bear a locksmith company's logo that claims to specialise in troubleshooting and rapid intervention at home. The so-called locksmiths wait after the adhesive has been applied and eventually return if they realise that, the house is empty. If the stickers are quickly removed, they understand that the dwelling is occupied. However, if they remain in place, then there is a good chance that the occupants will be absent. Note that these kinds of practices will never be the work of a real locksmith in South West London locksmith., You should remove these stickers if you find any stuck on your mailbox or door. Do not hesitate to keep an eye on your neighbours' house or flat and remove these stickers if they are not there. You can also equip yourself with an alarm system. These stickers, which are practically indelible, will damage your door., Seek the services of a good locksmith in London to protect yourself from such mishaps. An experienced locksmith will advise you on the measures to adopt to reinforce your home or business's security., London, W2 3HU  (Show me directions)

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